Clear Guide ONE

Computer-Assisted Instrument Guidance for Ultrasound

Instrument guidance for any ultrasound. Simply orient the interventional instrument so the target indicators line up, and insert in one confident step.

The CLEAR GUIDE ONE system centers on the handheld CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE, combining a conventional ultrasound probe with the Clear Guide Optical Head. It tracks interventional tools and provides real-time information to the CLEAR GUIDE CORE unit for live guidance display.

How does it help?

Conventional handheld 2D ultrasound is useful for intra-operative imaging, but does not provide for co-registration of imaging and tools. Guidance is often needed to help with hand-eye coordination and to achieve satisfactory targeting. The CLEAR GUIDE ONE shows instruments overlaid on live imaging, without further effort.

How does it work?

The Clear Guide technology visually tracks probe and tools relative to each other. Targets can be defined interactively on the CORE touchscreen.

Customary instruments (needles, ablator introducers, syringes, etc.) immediately work with the CLEAR GUIDE ONE, visible as insertion paths.

For sterile interventions, CLEAR GUIDE SteriMASK sterile probe covers offer a complete solution.

Clinical application


Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Central Line Insertion
Spinal and Epidural Placement
Pain Management


Fluid Drainage
Cortisone Injections


Tumor Ablation

Arterial Catheterization

Central Vein Catheterization (CVC)

The CLEAR GUIDE ONE offers numerous potential advantages over other approaches

The CLEAR GUIDE ONE is the smallest freehand navigation solution on the market for use with any ultrasound device.
Independent of the ultrasound machine’s screen, guidance information is displayed on the CLEAR GUIDE ONE CORE touchscreen. The CLEAR GUIDESuperPROBE comprises an optical head on an ultrasound probe. It is pre-calibrated during installation – no further setup is necessary.

  • Procedures on difficult or high risk patients
  • Procedures in smaller/rural facilities
  • Greater operator population


There is no need to change interventional workflows. When guidance is needed, you switch on the CLEAR GUIDE ONE, and the needle path is shown on the live ultrasound image in real time.
The CLEAR GUIDE ONE supports variable insertion angles, as well as both in-plane and out-of-plane approaches – with freedom in choosing the insertion path, and certainty about the direction. With almost any interventional needle or tool under a wide range of external conditions – the CLEAR GUIDE ONE just works.

  • True 3-D guidance
  • Clinically relevant precision
  • Decreases malpractice exposure


The handheld CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE attaches to the CLEAR GUIDE CORE touchscreen. With a standard ultrasound transducer, adding navigation to clinical workflows requires no other hardware (i.e. no EM transmitters, reference beacons, or IR cameras).

  • More procedures in any given time period
  • Leverage existing equipment
  • Utilize “favorite” needles

Cost effective

The CLEAR GUIDE ONE is unobtrusive enough to be used in any procedure – reducing valuable setup time.
Because of its constant presence, everyday interventions can be completed faster and with higher confidence.
Unlike existing navigation solutions that require large capital investments, the CLEAR GUIDE ONE is an accessory to existing ultrasound machines. The CLEAR GUIDE ONE augments existing workflows instead of forcing new steps onto clinical teams.

  • Minimizes re-insertions
  • Minimizes required training
  • No special needles or instruments required


CLEAR GUIDE systems can be combined with a wide range of different ultrasound manufacturers/models. Please contact us to inquire about your specific situation.
Our database of supported combinations is constantly growing; validated systems include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I move the CLEAR GUIDE system between different ultrasound machines at my clinic?

A: Yes. For each different ultrasound system model, you need to have at least one CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE unit.

Q: Can I switch the CLEAR GUIDE Optical Head between ultrasound probes?

A: No. The optical head is rigidly connected to the ultrasound probe you choose when ordering a CLEAR GUIDE system. However, you can use multiple different CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBEs with a single CLEAR GUIDE system (e.g. linear or convex probes).

Q: Can I order several CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBEs with a CLEAR GUIDE system, or can I later upgrade to additional SuperPROBE units?

A: Yes. You can always extend your CLEAR GUIDE system with new, different SuperPROBEs according to your specifications.

Q: Can I upgrade my existing ultrasound probes to CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBEs?

A: Clear Guide Medical recommends you use a new ultrasound probe for your CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE. Please contact us to inquire about your specific situation.


Q: Do I have to calibrate my CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE?

A: No. CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBEs are fully pre-calibrated by a technician during installation, and you will never have to calibrate them yourself. During regular device maintenance, the SuperPROBE will be checked up and fully re-calibrated by a qualified Clear Guide Medical technician.

Q: How is sustained calibration of a CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE guaranteed?

A: Device maintenance is scheduled at certain intervals (depending on usage profile) for all CLEAR GUIDE system users. The SuperPROBE will be checked up and fully re-calibrated by a qualified Clear Guide Medical technician. The details of this maintenance program are specified during ordering.

Q: Do I need any further equipment to use a CLEAR GUIDE system?

A: All the components necessary for CLEAR GUIDE Image Guidance are

  1. your ultrasound machine,
  2. the CLEAR GUIDE CORE, and
  3. the CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE.

Depending on the clinical intervention or workflow, you may want to use

  • CLEAR GUIDE SteriMASK sterile covers for the SuperPROBE,
  • CLEAR GUIDE VisiMARKER fiducials for improved guidance.

Q: Can I perform both in-plane and out-of-plane insertions with one CLEAR GUIDE SuperPROBE?

A: Yes – to some extent. During ordering, you specify the configuration of your SuperPROBEs (either in-plane or out-of-plane). Instrument guidance is supported up to approx. +/-30 degrees around that main orientation.

Q: Does the instrument tracking work with my regular needle/instrument?

A: CLEAR GUIDE systems support single, straight, rigid instruments (14G – 20G, min. visible instrument shaft: 4cm) for two different guidance modes:

  • with regular instruments (interventional tools such as needles, ablation introducers, syringes etc.):
    instrument trajectory guidance is supported (i.e. no tip visualization)

Please contact us to inquire about your specific instrumentation needs.



“The system is especially useful for aligning the needle when it is inserted far from the probe – such as for popliteal blocks.”

— Dr. Paul E. Bigeleisen, MD / Professor of Anesthesiology, University of Maryland Hospital / Co-author of Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, 2nd ed.

“For advanced practitioners, it will give an opportunity to access the areas that were considered unsafe with ultrasound or impossible to reach.
For beginners, it will give a level of confidence that they know where to start, where to finish, because for them the main problem is to keep the needle in-plane and to predict the place where the tip will shine out-of-plane. Therefore, elimination of complexity and uncertainty may help beginners to feel more comfortable, facilitate success in tough procedures and positively impact the learning curve.”

— Dr. Michael Gofeld, MD / Department of Anesthesia / St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON


“Having used the CLEAR GUIDE ONE in several of our procedures (such as vascular access and nerve blocks) over the last three months, I think it shows real promise to improve our efficiency and make deeper procedures easier. I also like the fact that it uses our existing ultrasound equipment and needles which has enabled a seamless integration with our existing workflow and processes.”

— Dr. Irwin Gratz, Professor of Anesthesiology and Residency Program Director / Cooper University Hospital, Camden, NJ

“The CLEAR GUIDE ONE system may have the potential to better facilitate the use of ultrasound guidance for the administration of spinals and epidurals via the paramedian approach. The needle can be inserted outside of the ultrasound field and strict “in-line/in-plane” insertion for needle visualization appears to be unnecessary. Further research to evaluate the potential is certainly warranted.”

— Dr. William Craig, MD / San Antonio, TX